How to pick your Bridal MakeUp Expert!

For every Bride to Be, starting planning your Dream Wedding can end up as an extremely stressful process. Knowing that all eyes will be on you, on your special day, you really need to make sure that you will look as the best version of yourself! The dress, the hair and of course, your makeup!

If you are still looking for the person that is going to give you a flawless look, in person and on camera then continue reading!!!

Instagram Era…

First things first, do not ever judge an artist through their Instagram Account (alone)! Our Digital Era has made it way easier, for all of us, to discover experts of every field, in any possible place in this world! However, be aware that Instagram World is not always Real! And by that, I simply mean that many of us- makeup artists- are editing our pictures from time to time just to keep a profile which is more attractive and keep be a part of this digital world. It is an algorithm thing and our clients need to really understand it.

Meet the expert…

Prior to your booking, ALWAYS ask for an in person consultation! It is really important that you feel comfortable with the specialist you have chosen to be part of your day. During that meeting you can note things about their hygiene level, professionalism, attitude and their service in general! Most of the artists offer trial makeup services which is a good way to see if your personal aesthetics match your expert’s!

Also, be clear about what you want for your big day! For example, If you are planning a “retro” inspired wedding and your whole look screams 50’s; the artist needs to be aware of that so they can advise you accordingly regarding the possible looks you can wear on that day from the most classic one to the most playful rockabilly style!

Communicate any skin concerns…

And by that, I mean that the last thing you wish to happen on your big day is an allergic reaction caused by a cosmetic product! Discuss with the expert any possible allergies, sensitivity or skin concerns in general with the artist in order to find alternative products or get some extra advise by a dermatologist.

Last but not least,

do not forget to book the artist the moment you finalize your wedding’s date! Inform them about the date, time and place! The artist will provide you a contract so that you’re both covered for that day.

For any queries email me at the email address found at the contact page!

Much Love

Anastasia xoxo


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