Bridal MakeUp

Another great choice for your Bridal MakeUp Look!

An all time classic, smoked out look that matches all eye shapes and makes all eyes, look more sultry in a sophisticated kind of way! Whether you are on the more neutral side or you wish to add a pop of color, this is the perfect way to balance everything and achieve the most stunning look… ever!

To achieve this Eye MakeUp Look, I chose a cult classic eyeshadow palette by MAC Cosmetics*

The lip color is a combo of 3 (three) Lipsticks, again by MAC Cosmetics.

Find out more regarding this look, simply by visiting my IG account Anastasia Balatsouka MUA.

For any queries regarding MakeUp Products, consultations and appointments kindly contact me via email.

Disclaimer: This Post is NOT sponsored. All links to brand sites and products are attached for application and ingredient lists information.

*The palette I used is the Art Library:Nude Model.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. Tell me in the comments down below if you are a bride to be and what’s your dreamy wedding theme!

Much love,

Anastasia xxx


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