Smudged Eyeliner

A few words about the “Smudged Eyeliner” Technique

“Smudged Eyeliner” or “Smoked Out Eyeliner” is an Eye MakeUp Technique which, in my opinion, compliments all eye shapes! Furthermore, It is an easy to wear Eye MakeUp Look (chic and soft) and most importantly, it is extremely easy to create.

Products: First things first, you need to pay attention to the product! Avoid Eyeliners in the form of a Pen/ Marker. These are water based products which contain alcohol and as a result they set too fast! In order to achieve this beautiful effect, you need to go for a softer product! You can choose between cream liners, gel liners even eye pencils!

Cream Liners/ Gel Liners: These are the Eyeliner Products that come in a pot! Cream or Gel Liners do not usually set as fast as the Pen/ Marker Liners and of course, they are way softer which automatically make the product easier to smudge and blend!

Eye Pencils: Of course, you can create this Eye MakeUp Look by using Eye Pencils! The “Smudged Eyeliner” Technique has been around for some decades now and guess what?! Back in the day, Old School Make Up Artists used to use Eye Pencils to create this MakeUp Look and even nowadays, many MUAs prefer Eye Pencils instead of Cream/ Gel Liners!

Things to be aware of, when it comes to Eye Pencils: If you choose an Eye Pencil to create this Look make sure that the pencil is neither soft nor hard; you need to go for an Eye Pencil of Medium Softness! Pencils that are too soft will, eventually, smudge too much and you’ll end up with “panda eyes”! On the other hand, pencils that are too hard are also too chalky, and you won’t be able to smudge and blend the color on your eyelids!

Lastly: You can rock this Eye MakeUp Look any time of the day and at any occasion*! It is literally, the easiest technique! Make sure that you set your Cream/ Gel Liner with an Eyeshadow (preferably a matte powder color) and you are ready to go!

Product Info**:

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in “Blackest Black”

Dior MakeUp 5 COULEURS COUTURE EyeShadow Palette in “079 Black Bow”

Hindash Cosmetics Beautopsy Palette

DISCLAIMER: This Post is NOT Sponsored. None of the above mentioned products were gifted to me! I have personally purchased those products and all views are my own. **These are NOT affiliated links. The main and ONLY purpose of the links is to help you check the ingredient list as well as how to use those products in particular! You can definitely create this MakeUp Look with any Make Up Brand!

*You can make the Eye Look as dramatic as you wish by adding more color and many coats of Mascara (or even Falsies; I simply love them!) or keep it softer by diffusing the color!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this look!

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Much Love

Anastasia xoxo


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